El Descenso del Sella is one of the most thrilling adventures you can experience in Spain. This traditional canoeing competition takes place annually on the Sella River in Asturias, attracting participants and spectators from around the world. Its history and natural charm make it a unique and memorable event.

Preparation for the Descenso del Sella

Before venturing into the waters of the Sella, it’s crucial to be well-prepared. It is recommended to have the appropriate equipment, including a sturdy canoe, life jacket, paddle, and suitable footwear. Additionally, it’s essential to follow the safety instructions provided by the organizers and be mindful of the weather and river conditions.

The Route of the Descenso del Sella

The route of the Descenso del Sella offers breathtaking views of the Asturian landscapes. Participants paddle along 20 kilometers, from Arriondas to Ribadesella, passing through beautiful valleys, lush forests, and charming villages. Along the way, they encounter refreshment points where they can replenish their energy and enjoy local hospitality.

Experience of the Descenso del Sella

The Descenso del Sella is not only a sports competition but also an exhilarating and enriching experience. Participants experience a mix of adrenaline and connection with nature as they paddle down the river. Testimonies from those who have participated speak of the excitement of the race and the camaraderie among competitors.

Associated Events and Traditions

The celebration of the Descenso del Sella goes beyond the competition itself. During the event, various activities and festivities take place, with the Fiesta de Les Piragües being a highlight, where music, food, and Asturian culture are in full swing. Additionally, there are other deep-rooted traditions that make this event an unforgettable experience.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Given the importance of the natural environment where the Descenso del Sella takes place, strict measures are taken to protect the river and its surroundings. Participants are aware of their environmental responsibility, and sustainable practices are encouraged during the event. Preserving the environment is crucial to ensure the continuity of this tradition.

Tips for Beginners

For those venturing into the Descenso del Sella for the first time, it’s important to prepare physically and mentally. Prior training and following expert recommendations can make a difference in the experience. During the race, staying calm and maintaining a steady pace are key to fully enjoying the event.

The Descenso del Sella and Asturian Culture

The Descenso del Sella is not just a sports event but also a symbol of Asturian culture. Since its origin in the 1930s, it has been an integral part of the regional identity, attracting visitors from all over the world. Furthermore, the economic and social impact of the event is evident in the local community, which benefits from tourism and the promotion of the region.

Summer Camps in Asturias with Nhorte

The Descenso del Sella is much more than just a sports competition. It’s a unique experience that combines adventure, nature, and culture in an incomparable setting. Whether as a participant or spectator, this event offers unforgettable moments and the opportunity to discover the beauty of Asturias from a different perspective.


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When is the Descenso del Sella celebrated?

The Descenso del Sella is celebrated annually in the month of August.

Is previous canoeing experience necessary?

It’s not essential, but having at least basic knowledge of paddling and navigation is recommended.

What should I bring with me during the descent?

It’s important to bring suitable clothing, sunscreen, water, and energy-rich food.

Can I participate if I can’t swim?

It’s not recommended to participate if you can’t swim, although life jackets are provided as a safety measure.

What measures are taken to preserve the environment during the event?

Environmental protection measures, such as waste collection and raising awareness about the importance of caring for the natural environment, are implemented.

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